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A tribute to your best boss

A tribute to your best boss

We’ve all heard the story of the nightmare boss because sadly it’s all too common in the workplace. But how often do we celebrate the managers who get it right? A good manager will transform the way you feel about your job, the company you work for, your colleagues, customers and partners. Like your favourite teacher, you’ll always remember them, because they make a lasting impression on your life. So isn’t it time we recognise these people and the difference they make to careers and companies across the globe? We think so! So in this blog, we’re paying tribute to your best boss.

Does a blueprint exist for the best boss?

Your best boss would have earned their place in your heart for a whole range of reasons. But without a doubt, they were someone who did more than ‘make sure stuff gets done’. They inspired you, mentored you, helped you grow as a person and make the right decisions. Ultimately they became your role model and dare we say your friend!

There’s no blueprint for the best boss but they do have some things in common. And if you’re a manager or run your own company there are key behaviours you should strive for and encourage across your organisation.

The late, great Aretha Franklin spoke for millions when she wrote ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T, find out what it means to me’ and the song has never lost its power. A good manager will respect you as a person and put themselves in your shoes. They know what you’re good at, the areas where you need extra support, the quirks of your personality, how you interact with others. They take an interest in you and your life. They will do everything they can do to help you thrive at work whether that’s flexible working, training, being available, saying ‘well done’ or regular 1-1s.

And equally, they ask for respect in return. Respect for their authority, an understanding when deadlines need to be met, the difficult decisions they have to make. They don’t need to wave the rule book, send out passive aggressive bullet point emails, or check on your every move – Tesla, take note! They’ve earnt respect and people work hard for people they like and respect.

Liam Solomon, Marketing Lead at, has been working with his manager, Stuart McClure for three years and credits his approach.

I think he has a fantastic understanding of knowing when to motivate you when you need pushing and supporting you when you are struggling.  A great boss is someone who sets their own ego aside and gives their employee’s confidence to go on to achieve great things. Which is what Stuart does in abundance.” 

Teamwork makes a (football) dream work
Who could forget Gareth Southgate, our Croydon-trained lad, standing proudly in his waistcoat, hugging his players both in defeat and victory? A new, stronger, culture in the England team was born, and it was based on teamwork. Success belonged to everyone and the finger pointing was gone. A good manager will not single people out by their mistakes and even give you the permission to make them. It’s how you move on, make improvements and come back fighting that counts! And when it’s time to celebrate boy will they be by your side singing your praises from the rooftop.

Christine Tama from West London Mental Health Trust, said: “The best line manager I’ve had so far is Celia Dadzie.  Not only did she teach me about the job and allow me to learn from my mistakes to become better, she helped me grow as a woman in my personal life and supported me in deciding what kind of person I wanted to be.  My time with her was and always will be a significant part of my life as I gained the tools to be able deal with most, if not all difficult situations, as well as gaining a friend for life.”

No one teaches you how to be the best boss
Ok, maybe some people are born to be natural leaders, but most of us aren’t. But we can learn how to improve relationships at work and the rewards can be huge. There are benefits for you, your peers, and your staff who will go on to follow your lead and be the best boss they can be later in their career. Healthy organisations are full of healthy relationships between line managers and their staff and these are the heart of successful workplaces up and down the land.

There’s lots of support available for those that want to be better managers, including how to chair meetings, manage delegation, assertiveness, motivating people, communication skills, and many more, all of which can help to build confidence.

At HR overload, we’re experts in creating healthy workplaces and can advise managers on any aspect of staff management, organisation culture or how to turn a conflict situation into a positive outcome. This is particularly useful for organisations that don’t have HR support in-house.

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