Redundancy HR support Purley

Redundancy HR support Purley

The Problem
HR Overload was asked to assist a retail client who, due to the poor sales results and subsequent lack of profitability of one of their retail stores, made the decision to close the store in question. As a result, 12 employees were at risk of redundancy.  When a business is faced with making fewer than 20 employees redundant you are legally required to have meaningful individual consultation. Redundancy situations are tricky, emotions will undoubtedly run high and the process will be difficult for those at risk of losing their job. Claims of unfair redundancy selection are common, but a documented, robust and fair process will reduce that risk hugely.

The Solution
HR Overload worked alongside the Company to create a briefing pack with all the required templates ready to be used. A document which would guide the Store Manager through the entire process and allow us to document each meeting and correspond with an employee quickly at each stage of the process, the pack included the following;

  • Step by step guidance outlining the process
  • Script for Company announcement
  • Employee Q&A document
  • Individual consultation meeting scripts
  • Correspondence templates including ‘at risk letter’, ‘contact with persons on leave’ letter, ‘meeting outcome’ letters
  • Redundancy calculations and pay schedules

A consultant from HROverload attended every meeting in a note taking and advisory capacity. There were vacancies in a couple of nearby stores which allowed for redeployment opportunities and a selection criteria for this process was drawn up.

Whilst not a straightforward process, the pragmatic support and guidance offered throughout the process meant that the Company could minimise legal risk and the emotional impact on those most affected through a supportive approach and fair process. This supportive approach in turn further minimised the risk of any appeals against the redundancy or redeployment decisions.