“Our aim is to be recognised as the ideal and trusted HR partner for business owners between the coast and the capital. Our reputation will be based on a proven record of creating competitive advantage through enabling staff brilliance.”

“Creating people magic in your business”

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When you first meet our team, we’ll take the time and make the effort to learn about your company, and about you as a management team. We are interested in regulation and compliance, but we are interested in your success first and foremost…and that will be obvious in the first half hour.

Together we’ll explore your company ambition and shorter term goals. We’ll look at how your people fit in with those plans and reach clarity about where performance is currently for all. We’ll help you identify where potential lies; within the company structure, systems and most of all the people. Compliance is about ensuring minimum performance is achieved, but the HR support we will be offering to you on an ongoing basis is about maximising potential. All too often the HR function is one of defence against risk and excludes the intention to create people magic… we’ll help you put that right by connecting the dots between where you are now and where you want to be in terms of your staff.

Once we know the goals, and the actions to take, we’ll put together a support programme with regular meet ups and provide you with the tools to ensure that things actually move forward. You’ll be able to see and engage with our expertise and it will quickly become apparent that we care about your success, not just your paperwork.

As our working relationship develops we’ll go from getting back on track to getting ahead of the competition, and you’ll learn a lot about what makes people tick and drives them towards high performance.

Our intention is that by working closely with us, you’ll be able to see noticeable change in culture and values, and that your greatest human assets become just that – assets.

You’ll enjoy it too, as our working relationship is intended to be fun and functional. We really want you to positively recommend the experience to your friends in business… and we know that dull and litigious rarely gets an excited reference so we promise to not be that!