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Client – Spring in your Step Cleaning

The problem

Hayley from spring in your Step Cleaning approached HROverload for HR support Purley having started her cleaning Company only a couple of months prior, business was good and she had taken on three new employees’, with a view to recruit more very quickly. Having had to grow her team so early on, Hayley was keen to make sure she was complying with employment legislation and that she had everything she needed in place for her new employee’s, but she didn’t know where to start. Not only this, Hayley needed some help to establish what was required of her as an employer and what her statutory obligations were, plus the main terms and conditions of employment e.g. salary, holiday entitlement, whether she would pay mileage for travel between client houses. Owning a cleaning Company, Hayley required flexible workers who could work variable hours each week and additional hours if required.

Not establishing fair and consistent rules in the workplace is a recipe for employee disengagement, disputes, grievance and in severe cases tribunal claims. Most employees are legally entitled to a written statement or contract of employment containing the main terms and conditions of employment within two months of starting work, if an employee has a problem receiving this they could make a claim at an employment tribunal. The document must contain certain information, such as pay, holiday entitlement, working hours, and workplace. Where an employer has a need for employees to work variable hours at variable locations the terms and conditions of employment must be clear and robust or there could be a dispute later down the line. It is always best to set everything out clearly at the start!

The solution

Our starting point was to get to know about the business. Once we had done this we were able to establish the business needs and operational requirements which quickly led us to making some key decisions on hours of work, levels of employee pay, holiday entitlement, and probationary period length. Now this was in place we could create a bespoke legally compliant contract of employment.

The outcome

Our flexible approach allowed Hayley to stay in control, safe in the knowledge that she would be building a solid foundation of people practices from which growth happens.

  • Established pay framework and key contractual terms
  • Advised on variable hour staff annual leave calculations
  • Supplied bespoke contract of employment which can be reused for full-time, part-time, fixed term and variable staff
  • Drafted Disciplinary and Grievance Policy’s

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