Performance Review Process Croydon

Performance review process Croydon

The problem

The client contacted HR Overload because they wanted to improve the current performance review process but also automate it through their HR Software (Breathe HR). There was plenty of opportunity to refresh the process for this Company, the performance review process was not linked to Company Goals and performance against objectives not tracked in a meaningful way. Not only this, the process was both lengthy and involved lots of paperwork!

Ultimately this meant that the performance review process was viewed by staff as a means of airing any frustrations they have had that year in relation to the working environment or their role rather than celebrating key achievements and focussing on the year ahead. No clear links between individual objectives and Company Goals were present, meaning that an opportunity to motivate and reward staff was being missed. Lastly, performance conversations were only happening twice a year, meaning productivity gaps occurred due to unclear work expectations and irregular feedback provided to employees.

The performance review process croydon had become a tick box exercise and therefore the process was not doing the job it was there to do.

The solution

HR Overload was asked to design a fresh approach to the performance review, engage staff in the process and work with the company to develop and align the Company Goals with individual performance objectives which in turn would link to reward and recognition. The performance review process croydon would be compatible with the Company’s HR Software to reduce paperwork and efficiency.

The outcome

  • Designed a ‘top down’ performance review framework which linked individual employee objectives to Company goals and tracked performance quarterly.
  • Achieved Breathe HR integration solution. Company Goals, Objectives and deliverables and quarterly 121’s can all be recorded and tracked on the system.
  • Planned and delivered a team workshop to implement new review process and deliver the Company Goals
  • Worked with Managing Director to agree team objectives and with the team to encourage quarterly deliverable setting against objectives

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