Mar 11

Save our Managers

Managers often seem to be stuck in the middle, between the demands of their Directors or CEO and the demands of their team, managing people can feel like a thankless task alongside a never ending to do list. Even more so now, with teams spread across multiple locations working from home, occasionally in the office or furloughed, our Managers are shouldering a lot of the burden.

The Managers we speak to are doing an amazing job, they’ve adapted to the changes the pandemic has brought, reorganised workload, taken managing remotely in their stride and generally stayed cool, calm and collected in the face of the unknown. But there’s definitely been a toll. Mental health and work-life balance is suffering and many are feeling out of their depth and isolated themselves.

Whilst we can see an end in sight and vaccine rollout is going well, restrictions won’t be lifted until mid June at the very earliest. Therefore, it is even more urgent to make sure our Managers are getting the support and tools to succeed and feel pride in their contribution. Managers need to feel empowered in their role to:

  • Have regular 121s and take time to listen to their team members
  • Agree long and short term goals with their team which connect to the business strategy
  • Use KPIs to monitor progress
  • Have regular performance and development discussions themselves and with their teams
  • Face into performance or conduct concerns quickly and proportionately.
  • Acknowledge ‘Zoom fatigue’ and reduce the number of video meetings required (both for business and socialising)
  • Communicate regularly and in detail about the big and small things
  • Understand their team members unique personal circumstances and the options to adapt to them – such as using flexible furlough or shifting working hours to accommodate caring responsibilities.
  • Access for help for themselves – whether that’s from their manager, HR department or even seeking counselling to support their mental health.

By giving your Managers the support and space to do these things, you’re setting them up for success and this should help to retain them and their talent with your business. Your next step will be to consider how you could take advantage of all the new skills they have learnt over the past year which will undoubtedly help them on their way to becoming your leadership team of the future.


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