HR correspondence and administration
HR comes with a lot of administration! HROverload can write your HR correspondence for you, whether it’s an offer of employment, notice of a reduction in pay, a salary increase, reference requests or extending a probationary period. You will also need to keep accurate and up-to-date employee records as well as comply with data protection requirements – we can help you do that too.

Contracts of employment
As soon as you start employing staff, it is best practice to issue contracts of employment. It’s crucial that your contracts are fit for purpose and that you review them periodically, not only to ensure you meet all of your statutory requirements, but also to retain the maximum amount of flexibility for your business. HROverload can help you draw up robust contracts and help with the reviewing process when that time comes round.

Policies and procedures
Once we’ve talked to you and got to know your business, HROverload can create and update all of the HR policies you need to ensure you are compliant with current legislation and best practice. These can be in the form of individual policies, or we can create a tailored employee handbook which will contain everything your business requires. Typical policies include:

  • Maternity, paternity and shared parental leave
  • Flexible working
  • Disciplinary, grievance and absence
  • Homeworking and bad weather policies

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Job Descriptions and Specifications
Creating a job description and person specification will really help your recruitment process by identifying the characteristics needed by a new employee filling the role in two ways: firstly, it helps you clarify exactly the kind of candidates you’re looking for, and secondly, it helps potential applicants establish their suitability before even applying.

Equally, once in your service, employees like to know what is expected of them and how their performance will be measured. HROverload can help you craft specific job descriptions and specifications, along with KPIs and other ways to measure progress.

Getting an employee’s induction right will not only help them settle in quickly, but it will also encourage them to become productive faster. Evidence has also shown that having a comprehensive, structured induction process can play a big part in improving long-term staff retention.

HROverload can help you design and establish an induction process that’s the right fit for your company and its culture. Induction doesn’t have to be a formal process. It does, however, need to properly planned and consistently delivered to ensure that all new employees are treated fairly and receive the same information – that’s where we can be of service.

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