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How SME’s can deliver a great employee onboarding experience

How SME’s can deliver a great employee onboarding experience

Onboarding is all about how we get new employees bedded in and working effectively as soon as possible. Get it right and your newest additions will be engaged and productive earlier, plus they will be far more likely to stay.

So, how do we make them feel welcomed, valued and excited about being part of your Company? Well, as luck would have it, they probably already are…you just need to make sure it stays that way.

1. Pre-joining

It’s time to start preparing, ready for the big (first) day, don’t put it off, it’s important you have everything ready.

You need to get an offer letter and contract of employment drawn up, gather personal and pay details and set them up on the payroll. Where are they going to sit? Do they need a company car, PC or building pass? Get organised, so that when they arrive on their first day, they’re good to go and you don’t waste precious time. Imagine arriving at a new job and realising no preparation had been made for your arrival, it wouldn’t make you feel very warm and fuzzy, would it?

Lastly, if your new employee is working a period of notice, make contact between offer acceptance and their first day. You could go for a coffee, or invite them to a team lunch. Starting a new job can be daunting so help put their mind at rest and make sure they know what to expect on their first day.

2. First week

This week is all about settling them in, making sure they are set up in their work environment and ready to roll. Don’t give them a handful of policies to read, get them set up with equipment, make crucial introductions and help them get to know the rest of the team. Do they know where the toilets are? Where to grab a cuppa?

Some Company’s match new employees with a buddy, this is great way to help them settle in and grow their social network more quickly.

3. Induction

Have an induction plan! Induction is the information provided to new employees by the employer to assist in adjustment to their new job and to help them become familiar with their new work environment and the people working around them. It will help them to understand the Company and its culture, what the values are and why and give them an understanding of what their role is in a wider context. This is your chance to provide absolute clarity and direction to your newbies so that they can do a really great job.

4. Review

Communication is key. New employees need support in a new role so make sure you and your team are available to answer questions. Make time to sit down together regularly without interruptions and don’t be frightened to give feedback (good and bad) and act if something isn’t working. Equally, encourage new employees to talk about what is going well, challenges and frustrations!

And that’s it, it is no coincidence that the best performing Company’s place huge investment in their onboarding process. Remember, no one joins a business with the intention to do a bad job, so give them every possible chance to succeed and let them learn in an open environment free from repercussions for small mistakes. No one hires the perfect employee…. but you can certainly create one!

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